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Ice spraying balloons

Hover-gondolas spreading ice particles under the stratosphere may be a environmental change result starting with harvard teacher david Keith, who need partnered for planet see Enterprises, An hot-air blow up shares of the organization. The arrangement is on configuration Furthermore these ice-spraying balloons under the stratosphere In this way those ice particles could reflect approaching daylight Furthermore forestall the earth starting with further warming. Pros and cons: those stratosphere will be a stable layer of the air Also may be the place a significant number plane aircrafts fly - the ice Might profit the ozone layer Eventually Tom's perusing imparting the worth of effort of reflecting daylight What's more won’t hurt those stratosphere in view water vapor characteristically happens. However, An considerable add up of ice might be necessary will make a noteworthy cooling sway and the balloons might need to work together What's more coordinate with different plane aircrafts will securely impart the sky. weather forecast , weather radar , local weather , weather report , weather app , weather update ,



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