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Drop tree bombs

Forests are known as 'carbon sinks' because they absorb significant amounts of carbon. Source: Jason Jacobs Planes would fly over land and drop wax canisters containing seedlings and manure that would detonate when they hit the ground and in the long run develop into timberlands, says ecological designer Stamp Hodges, who was highlighted on Revelation Venture Earth. Trees assimilate carbon from the environment and are basic hotspot for overseeing carbon dioxide and at last bringing down temperatures - logging, horticulture, and urban improvement are only a portion of the ways woodlands are as of now being demolished.
Upsides and downsides: This innovation has effectively turned out to be an answer for regrowing mangrove backwoods after Typhoon Katrina, anyway composts could hurt water bodies in the event that they inadvertently arrive in them, and in addition different plants and creatures. The ideal opportunity for seedlings to develop into backwoods that ingest noteworthy measures of carbon could take decades, which might be too moderate for the current an Earth-wide temperature boost circumstance.
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