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Cover Greenland with blankets

Wrapping Greenland in white covers to reflect warm daylight far from the ice to moderate dissolving is an answer from glaciologist Dr. Jason Box. The nation is 80 for each penny canvassed in ice - this assumes a vital part in overseeing barometrical temperatures and sea dissemination examples, and changes could debilitate beach front groups. On the off chance that Greenland's ice softens, ocean level is evaluated to rise six meters - in Vancouver 250,000 individuals live inside around one meter of normal ocean level. Ice covers nearly the entire country of Greenland. Source: NASA Upsides and downsides: This would balance out provincial maritime warm flow and saltiness, moderate ice soften, and save a vast source freshwater, however abnormal amounts of upkeep and observing would be required due the nation's extensive territory and extraordinary 'piteraq' winds - which means 'what assaults you'. On the off chance that Ice ocean waters start to warm like Antarctica's waters - the ice sheets could soften from underneath, which covers can't avert. weather forecast , weather radar , local weather , weather report , weather app , weather update ,



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